Celebrating the diversity of french cuisine

Celebrating the diversity of french cuisine

The menu at The Standard Bistro celebrates the diverse culinary regions of France. The Bistro continues the haute cuisine legacy that influential chefs such as Jacques Pepin and Julia Child revolutionized in America, making luxury and gourmet accessible in the ordinary American kitchen. French classics like pot-au-feu and pain bagnat are presented alongside Alsatian choucroute garni, pissaladiere inspired by the Mediterranean Pyrenees, and ravioli bolognese from the Aosta Valley. The Larder represents the height of old-world butchery offering dry aged and custom cut beef, pork, and lamb alongside classic charcuterie and our house made pastas, breads, and take home dishes. Across the marble bar lies a wine list that explores the French terroir and cocktails grounded in a history of classic French liqueurs and fresh, seasonal ingredients.
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The beef, pork and lamb available in The Larder are part of our fully comprehensive, whole animal butchery program. The program focuses on local growers, dry aging, and elevated craft, and supplies both the restaurant and the retail counter.


The Larder showcases an ever-changing selection of house made pastas. This fresh pasta is carefully prepared from Italian-inspired southern French recipes. Tortellini and ravioli are just a few examples of the variety available on a daily basis.


The smell of freshly baked rolls wafts from our ovens every day beginning at 5 AM. Crusty baguettes are baked as fresh as possible, two to three times per day, and are available daily in The Larder.


French tradition is about more than just the food. No meal would be complete without a piping hot espresso or cappuccino to end the night. We proudly partner with Roos Roast here in Ann Arbor for all of our coffee. The freshly roasted beans are also available for purchase in The Larder.


Discover a well-curated beer list featuring dozens of European beers. We emphasise the legacy of traditional Belgian breweries such as Chimay, Duvel and Orval.


Rooted in French tradition, wine plays an important role in dining at The Bistro. Travel through Alsace, Bordeaux, and the Rhone Valley while sipping wines suggested by our in-house sommeliers. Their expertise and passion of the terroir helps to create the first class dining experience we provide at The Standard.


What is the Larder?

Historically, the larder was the food storage area nearest the kitchen. Before the use of refrigerators, this room would be kept cool with blocks of ice. Tile walls and fine mesh over window openings kept the space clean and free from flies, important as there could be any number of animal parts hanging from the ceiling aging and curing.

For our modern day use of the term, the Larder refers to our retail area, centered around a full service butcher shop. While fresh cuts of meat and house made sausages are the most prominent, the Larder also offers our house made pastas, ready to eat items, and some bread. To-go orders will be picked up at the Larder counter.

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